Energiapura Gilet Protector (XS-S)

Energiapura Gilet Protector (XS-S)
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Značka: Energiapura

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17390*C404 WHITE-S

bílá - Vel. S

Energiapura Gilet Protector (XS-S)

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Size: XS - XL

Colors: C404 optical white/black/red, C335 black/optical white/red


This vest is the latest add to the Energiapura protections, with the back protector inside a highly adherent and elastic vest, with zip on the front. This structure makes the protection even safer, increasing its stability and ergonomics. The thin shape and the particular structure of the protections, that adapt to the shape of the back thanks to the body heat, make the vest very comfortable and the protection almost invisible when worn. Thanks to these characteristics this vest can be worn under other garments, and it is perfect to be used for different ski activities at every level, from tourists to racers.

Energiapura Gilet Protector (XS-S)