Phenix Stylizer Jacket navy/orange M pánská bunda

Phenix Stylizer Jacket navy/orange M pánská bunda
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Kód 18552
Značka: Phenix
Pohlaví Pánské

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modrá - vel. M/50

Phenix Stylizer Jacket navy/orange M pánská bunda

ano 9 290 Kč

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Kvalitní pánská lyžařská bunda kombinovaná ze dvou materiálů.

Phenix 20,000mm[NV-modrá] , 10,000mm[GR-šedá]

A high performance fabric developed through extensive researches. Phenix 20,000mmH2O and Phenix 10,000mmH2O provides superior water-proofness, wind-proofness and winfproofness and permeability to keep us dry under the harshest conditions.

Thunderon® Digenite Thermo

Digenite Thermo insulation contains Thunderon® fiber for superior warmth and heat retention. Digenite Thermo insulation is a ceramic composite incorporating Copper Light (Sunlight and other Light) which Infrared Rays (Short and Long) which are invisible to the eye. By an exothermic heat generation from natural sunlight and body energies, generates heat and retains this heat. Digenite Thermo material absorbs these electric waves to generate heat. Furthermore, this Thunderon® Digenite Thermo has strong anti-microbial and static electricity minimizing properties.

3-D Air Cutting

By analysis, we realize that the new 3-D cutting technique well matches the modern ski style. Generally, most of the pressure of wear goes to your shoulder where you start feeling tired as soon as you put on any heavy gear. Thanks to this new cutting technique, about 85% Clothing Pressure of the wear exerted to the shoulders can efficiently be reduced so as to make you feel the way the wear is floating in the air instead of putting on you. You may even forget you actually are wearing it. Clothing Pressure Average(unit:gfcm2)/3-D AIR CUTTING:0.41 / Regular Cutting: 3.26 Source: TOKYO METROPOLITAN INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGY RESEARCH INSTITUTE

Ergonomic Design

Carefully patterned by its R&D Center, Phenix's ergonomically designed skiwears give maximum freedom of movement.

- [GREY]
   Melange Hound Tooth Dobby 2L (NY 74%, PE 26%)
   Emboss 2-way Stretch Taffeta 2L (PE 100%)

- [NAVY]
   2-way Stretch Taffeta 2L (PE 100%)
   Melange Hound Tooth Dobby 2L (NY 74%, PE 26%)

Phenix Stylizer Jacket navy/orange M pánská bunda